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The Strangest Thing I Ever Saw

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8 thoughts on “ The Strangest Thing I Ever Saw

  1. Mar 16,  · From a trail cam photo of a mysterious UFO landing in the woods to a group of real life Smurfs strolling through the forest, we look at the 10 strangest things ever found in the woods.
  2. Jun 18,  · ‘One of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen’: Readers share their tales of opossum encounters By Jack Lakey Contributing Columnist Thu., June 18, timer 3 min. read.
  3. May 08,  · I was tripping out because she told me exactly what I saw before I even told her! I don’t think it could’ve been a stranger or a burglar in the house because I have four dogs and they would have been barking the entire time. Probably one of the most weirdest things that .
  4. One time, I went into the ICU to draw a man's blood and what I saw was easily the strangest thing I've ever seen so far in my past three years of working the medical field. I walked into the man's room and came upon two nurses and a nursing aid attempting to adjust the man in a .
  5. Nov 11,  · Strangest thing I ever saw was how narrow the road gets at miles an hour at 2am. I was just taking note of that when two deer jumped in front of me. One went over the hood, but timing wise, made it without coming through the windshield. The second deer got caught on the grill.
  6. Welcome to OTIS: Odd Things I've Seen. OTIS is a written chronicle of my visits to the unusual. I also podcast about them. And I write spooky novels and nonfic. Party with me on the OTIS Facebook Page, Twitter, and Patreon. Keep going for more OTIS visits. Email This BlogThis! Share to.
  7. UPDATE ( PM): Holy shit. Holy shit holy shit holy shit. I just got home and saw my previous updates. Things make less sense now than ever. Here's what I can tell you. I went to work, Jeremy never showed up, my boss and I decided to call the police, as you're well aware. When I picked up the phone to call, though, the sun went out.
  8. "Weirdest thing that I've seen: In about or so, I was driving home through Chickasha, Oklahoma at about midnight. I passed a guy who was walking along the side of the road wearing a short, white toga and a full-face rubber pig mask. He was carrying a long spear over one shoulder. (By long, I .

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