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  1. to spring or come back; react (usually followed by on or upon): Plots frequently recoil upon the plotters. Physics. (of an atom, a nucleus, or a particle) to undergo a change in momentum as a result either of .
  2. recoil control. In artillery: Recoil control. Until the s guns were simply allowed to recoil along with their carriages until they stopped moving, and they were then manhandled back into firing position. The first attempt at controlling recoil came with the development of traversing carriages for coastal defenses and Read More; small arms.
  3. 1. jerk back, pull back, flinch, quail, kick, react, rebound, spring back, resile I recoiled in horror. 2. draw back, shrink, falter, shy away, flinch, quail, balk at People used to recoil from the idea of getting into debt.
  4. Recoil Staff STUDIES AND OBSERVATIONS GROUP ULTRA XR linemibarfaimareterbigatothe.coinfo BLADE MATERIAL: S35VN BLADE LENGTH: inches OAL: APC B&T Brings 10mm Auto to its APC Pro lineup.
  5. Mar 06,  · Audience Reviews for Recoil. Jan 22, Hurrah! Danny Trejo is a baddie again, thing is I'm so used to him playing good guys or anti heroes it Reviews: 1.
  6. Get better feel, better consistency and better accuracy with Recoil – the first revolutionary carbon fiber iron shaft that doesn’t change the game; it makes steel obsolete. Recoil – It’s more than a reaction.
  7. The recoil, catching him in a bad posture, knocked him backward. Shocked by the sound of my own name, I was ready to recoil abashed. Doubtless the self-respect of the woman was in no way wounded by the master's recoil. When events occur which disturb my life, I always have a movement of recoil.
  8. All the best video content for the 2A community from Recoil Magazine. RecoilTV All the best video content for the 2A community from Recoil Magazine. Featured. Helikon-Tex Training Mini Rig (TMR) Combat Pistol (Sierra Element) Weatherby Mark V Backcountry Ti - New Mexico.

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